The Artisan’s newest collection pays homage to all our unfulfilled plans

“I Started Making Plans Thinking We’d Get Far”

So goes the running sentiment encapsulated in The Artisan’s Collection XII. The brand, known for its refined DIY approach and delicate designs, is back with a three-piece assortment of graphic t-shirts. Preaching “wearable love letters”, their latest assemblage features tees that come in neutral greys and blacks, with silk-screened original artwork that is romantic with just a hint of grunge.

Previously, The Artisan has experimented with hand-painted flowers on military wear, mismatched shirt designs, and personalized vintage garments. The brand had also released a t-shirt collaboration with 8-Bit Fiction, the local artist project renowned for its marriage of pixel imagery and wistful poetry. The Artisan’s current range continues the expression of feels interpreted into every thread, where one can take these memories transformed into pieces that people can wear and experience on their own.

Purchase your own wearable love letter through their website at

By Isabella Argosino
Photos from The Artisan Clothing