Teenage Granny creates music out of noise from the Internet

By Celene Sakurako

Teenage Granny a.k.a. the experimental solo project of Aly Cabral, has dropped a five-track EP titled Glossolalia (The Harsh Sounds of the Internet). And as its title suggests, it’s a collection of “harsh sounds” all deriving from the Internet. Put in her own words, “What the Internet sounds like.”

With tracks “Facebook,” “Twitter,” “YouTube” and “Instagram,” she’s taken various Internet data (like HTML files, photos, videos and text) commonly found in each social media platform, converted them into audio, and mixed it with what sounds like the noise of an old school dial-up Internet from the ‘90s. Closing with the track “Glossolalia,” the EP serves as a commentary on our excessive digital usage or habits stemming from the learned “unknown language” (glossolalia) distinct to our generation.

Photo by Arnor Gregory