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What You Need to Try at The Yard (If You Haven’t Hit It Up Yet)

What You Need to Try at The Yard (If You Haven’t Hit It Up Yet)


Food parks are now becoming a thing thanks to the young and scrappy culinary culture of the North. By our count, there are now at least four food parks in the UP and Ateneo turf alone. The latest one, the Yard along Xavierville Ave., is a bright, neon-lit temple to everything the youth would ever dream of eating at this time. And we mean everything: all cuisines are represented, from the common American, Japanese, and Mexican to more hipster choices like Hong Kong and German street food.

You may be overwhelmed upon first setting foot in The Yard, and that’s okay. We rounded up the top five different picks you should try from the complex, in no particular order:


The lechon sisig tacos from Mexican Filipino fusion stall El Chapo’s


Gambas from Spanish place Asombroso


The Ocean Avenue makirrito from neo-Japanese brand Black Plate


Doner rice from reliable German street food kiosk Berliner Grill

And a selection of Hong Kong street food from Hong Kong Foodie, like scallop cake, crab claw, lobster ball, fried prawn, and pork isaw.

This article is part of our January-February 2017 story entitled “Your New Favorite Places” and has been edited for web.

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