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5 Reasons To Go To Cosmos: UP Fair Friday

5 Reasons To Go To Cosmos: UP Fair Friday

The UP Fair is something a lot of high school and college students look forward to every year. Naturally, Friday is the most ideal day for going to UP Fair since you can stay up all night and just sleep in the next day.

This February 17, 2017 at the UP Sunken Garden, the UP Junior Marketing Association, in partnership with the University Student Council, presents Cosmos: UP Fair Friday, a celebration of local music centered on a national advocacy—freedom of expression regardless of race, culture, and gender.

1. Cosmos is a guaranteed cosmic experience where you’re free to be whoever you want to be as you immerse yourself in the local music scene.

Don’t worry! Take a chill pill and relax. The UP Fair is the perfect time to unwind.

2. You get to sing along to OPM classics with great company.

Yo, bring your friends. Tell your friends to bring their friends. Walk to Sunken Garden in a unified mob. Enjoy the music and walk around the booths all huddled together, like you’re a single organism.

Just kidding. But do bring your friends!

3. You get to witness 20 amazing acts and the overall UP Fair experience for just P80/P120.

Just look at this lineup:

    • Rivermaya
    • Pupil
    • Sam Concepcion
    • Hale
    • Itchyworms
    • Rocksteddy
    • Sud
    • Mayonnaise
    • Jensen and the Flips
    • The Ransom Collective
    • Never The Strangers
    • Absolute Play
    • Save Me Hollywood
    • Midnight Meetings
    • MilesExperience
    • Soapdish
    • Sucketseven
    • Ashley’s Kryptonite
    • Lola Amour
    • BTC

4. Cosmos can be your avenue to finally get close to the person of your dreams.

Interpret this any way you can. You thought of someone already, haven’t you?

5. Not only do you enjoy a break from your everyday reality, but you lift others up as you do so! All proceeds of Cosmos will go to Kids Integrated Development through Schooling (KIDS) and the UP JMA Scholarship Fund.

This is great. It’s cool to know where your money goes with what you pay, and this time around, you’ll feel good knowing that you donated to a good cause!

So what are you waiting for? Cosmos: UP Fair Friday is today! You know where you’re going after your last class.

Find out more at and at @UPFairCosmos



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