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Facebook’s Newest AI Wants To Learn Everything About You

Facebook’s Newest AI Wants To Learn Everything About You

By Nico Pascual
Image: Tech Crunch

Facebook just announced a new AI today entitled DeepText, which it claims can understand human context as efficiently as us. Much like Autocorrect does for mobile phones, Facebook’s new AI was primarily made to let Facebook understand and anticipate any writing that we do on its servers. The blog post describes it as a “deep learning-based text understanding engine” that can spout out recommendations at the rate of several thousand times a second. And oh, it initially will be launched to understand over 20 languages.

Right now, the AI only understands the context of the post – what’s the subject of the post or text, or its general classification. To put this more simply, it basically goes through its built-in word bank and adapts its text suggestions on the fly. For example, if you need a ride somewhere, it may suggest a ride-sharing service like Uber or Grabcar. The engineers behind it is also giving it the capacity to learn new words depending on the user. For now, at least, it’s mainly being used to help Facebook understand what its users are searching for and the products consumers might sell using the social network.

But like all AI, it’s still in its initial stages and it will continue to grow as it gets to understand the different people, places, and trends that populate the social network.

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