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Getting to know the homegrown musicians of UP Diliman

Getting to know the homegrown musicians of UP Diliman

The UP leg of this year’s Scout Campus Tour is already done and gone, but aside from copies of the latest issue, a ton of freebies, and some photos, one thing that made our ScoutxUP Campus Tour a memorable one is the music. We did end with a buttery smooth set from Jensen and the Flips, but we’d like to highlight the performers who hail from UP Diliman–namely Alexia Cryze, Seresa, and Hollowburn. We take the time to familiarize ourselves with these artists, the UP Music Circle, and find out more about UP DIliman’s talented musicians.

Alexia Cryze

Strumming her guitar as she gently sings, singer-songwriter Alexia Cryze is the kind of musician you know is singing from the heart. And how couldn’t she when her songs are based on what everyone has — feelings.

How would you describe your music?

When I write songs, puro feelings lang talaga. Whatever I feel, I write it down.

What kind of feelings? Your songs sound pretty heavy.

I write songs about human emotions. Kahit hindi sa akin ‘yung feeling, being human is beautiful. Sobrang lawak ng spectrum ng emotions natin. Writing about these experiences, these feelings, it’s something that I like doing.

How much does it mean for you to be part of UP Music Circle?

Being part of UP Music Circle is being part of my family na rin.

What do you want people to feel when they hear your music?

I really want my songs to be felt. Gusto ko ma-feel ng audience ‘yung feelings ng song na ‘yun. ‘Yung “Adrien,” it’s a song about Extra-judicial killings, and how wrong it is. I guess I just want to send the message to everyone that it’s not ok. And siguro anger ‘yung feeling na ‘yun. I just want people to care about these things through those feelings.


Who said the harana is dead? Seresa’s songs come from a heartfelt place, with all the vulnerability that comes with it. In other words, it’s senti as hell.

Joshua Magsombol, vocalist of Seresa


How would you describe your sound?

Acoustic na medyo pang-harana. Medyo pang-hugot, mga naiiwan, mga naghihintay, mga hindi nagkikita. ‘Yun’ yung message ng songs ko. Heartbreaks, ganun.

How did you become part of UP Music Circle?

Naging part ako last semester ko na sa UP. Active alumnus ako. Nag-grow ako as a musician sa UP Music Circle. Sa Music Circle ako nakaranas ng iba’t-ibang klaseng gigs.

Is Seresa just you or is it a band?

Usually, depende sa gig ‘yan eh. Minsan solo ako, minsan tri-acoustic, minsan full band.

Paano mo naisip na acoustic lang today?

First,  ‘yung setup natin is acoustic lang talaga. And ‘yung vibe rin eh, lazy afternoon.

Why Seresa by the way?

In English, [Seresa translates to] “cherry blossoms.” ‘Yung inspiration ng songs, girl na mahilig sa Japanese and mahilig sa flower crowns.

Is she a real person?

Oo. Nandito siya kanina.


Post-rock is a hard-to-define genre, but Hollowburn’s sound is definitely post-rock, doing away with the instrumental mumbling and scribbling and instead play music that’s sincere and solid. Their musical arrangements are textured without becoming overbearing, and overall is an easy listen.

Terrence Dela Cruz, Guitarist of Hollowburn

What are your musical influences?

Let’s say Explosions in the Sky, Russian Circles, God is an Astronaut. Tapos usually gumagamit rin kami ng conventional songs for influences like Firefly and Bring Me The Horizon.

Why Hollowburn?

Basically naisip ko lang ‘yung name and tinanong ko ‘yung iba kong band mates kung g sila ‘dun and g naman sila.

What is the significance of UP Music Circle to you?

Lahat kami from the UP Music Circle, nabuo siya doon. ‘Yung formation ng Hollowburn inspired siya sa isang metal band sa Music Circle tapos kung wala ‘yung metal band na ‘yun–The band is Yomi No Kuni, by the way–hindi ako magkakaroon ng idea to form Hollowburn.



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