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7 things we’re excited for after watching the new Game of Thrones trailer

7 things we’re excited for after watching the new Game of Thrones trailer


The first full trailer for Game of Thrones season 7 is here and we are / h y p e d / . There were so many things going on that we had to list down our favorite trailer moments and what we’re looking forward to the most. No words, just full of excitement.

Warning: As they usually say, the following points here are dark and full of spoilers.

1. Dany is finally in Westeros and she’s already taken Dragonstone

It’s taken her six entire seasons to get to the seven kingdoms and the dragon queen has arrived, everyone. We see her on a throne on Dragonstone, the former seat of the Targaryens before being overthrown by the Baratheons. Dany’s also taking her time to plot for the great war of the queens along with her right hand Tyrion and it’s pretty clear that she isn’t going to take any shit from anyone now. Get it, girl.

2. Littlefinger being beat up by Jon

Damn it, Littlefinger! Jon and Sansa just got their sweet family reunion and you’re trying to ruin it by planting devious seeds inside Sansa’s head. We’re glad to see that Jon’s probably figured this out and he is not having it. While it’s far more interesting to envision Sansa as Queen in the North rather than Jon ruling, we don’t want to see the Starks being ripped apart ever again.

3. Grey Worm is finally gonna get it

All we can say is yaaaaassss. This ship’s been prepping since season 4 and it’s finally going to sail and we are here. for. this.

4. More LGBT representation thanks to Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand

Last season, they’ve killed off one of our favorite gay characters, Loras Tyrell, who’s one of the handful of LGBT characters on the show who’s met a gruesome death (RIP Renly Baratheon and Oberyn Martell). Now they’re making up for it with Yara and Ellaria shown here on the trailer. Maybe we’re a bit disappointed that the whole Yara/Dany flirtation scene in season 6 was apparently just a phase (or not, who knows?). We’re down for Yara/Ellaria, but let’s hope this would be a genuine couple and not one borne out of manipulation. Then again, this is Game of Thrones we’re talking about. Sigh.

5. Who’s going to kill Cersei?

They’re really setting up Cersei as the big bad here based on her opening monologue. Jaime is looking as somber as ever as she tells him that they’re the last remaining Lannisters who matter. We also see the both of them standing over a giant map of Westeros, possibly planning for war, as Dany is. According to prophecy, Cersei will be slain by a “little brother.” The obvious one would be Tyrion, but the most popular guess is Jaime.

6. Arya possibly reuniting with her siblings

Our favorite (but now frighteningly murderous) Stark is back in Westeros and she’s trudging through snow, hopefully near Winterfell. We’re also crossing our fingers that she’ll not only see Jon and Sansa again, but her direwolf Nymeria too.

7. The Dothraki horde and the dragons going into war

You know shit’s about to go down when you see an actual Dothraki horde crossing the Narrow Sea and going into battle with the Westorosi folk. When it comes to fighting, the Dothraki mean business. They’re jumping off of horses in fierce badassery and have got some dragons by their side. The war scenes are going to be on a whole new level this season and we can’t wait.



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