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Billy Crawford and the ubiquitous sofa print

Billy Crawford and the ubiquitous sofa print

You’ve all heard about the disaster that was Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia’s prenup shoot set in Ethiopia. Presently, their PR team is hard at work now trying to remedy the mess that these controversial photos caused on social media.

(Just so you guys know, we think that this shoot, prenup or travel ad or whatever it actually is, was done in bad taste. Cultural appropriation, otherism, and exoticization just aren’t cool. For everyone involved in this production, didn’t you take a step back and think that something was wrong with treating the locals as props?)

Still, we can’t help but wonder where in the world the couple’s stylists got these clothes? We’re talking about Billy’s blazer in particular, which has the same print as a sofa and a bag, as pointed out by a Facebook user here.

Netizens were also quick to point out that Coleen Garcia’s top has the same print of a reversible placemat, while additionally, Billy’s drape here looks eerily similar to a bedsheet.

Whoever styled this shoot–we need answers. Whether these clothes are ukay or designer, we actually love how versatile these fabrics are. They look great while being used in a high fashion photoshoot or on your reusable shopping bag.

Art by Bryan Sochayseng  



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