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5 vegetarian restaurants for a tight budget

5 vegetarian restaurants for a tight budget

With the growing environment-friendly lifestyle in the Philippines, many are considering fixing up their diet to better fit their conversion to metal straws. The common hindrance people share is the inaccessibility of vegetarian options and when they finally do find the perfect bite, it is impractically expensive.

Because of this, vegetarianism is a daydream many cannot afford to covert to reality. Lucky for you, we have found 5 farm-to-table restaurants that go easy on your wallet, the local farmers, and the environment.


1. Greens Vegetarian Restaurant | Tomas Morato

Hidden in what seems like a quiet neighborhood in Tomas Morato is homey-restaurant Greens Vegetarian Restaurant. Quite like their aesthetic–leafy and breezy–they offer comfort food in its freshest. They have a vegetarian take on your favorite dishes, may they be of Pinoy origin or not.

Must Try: Eggplant parmigiana, Grilled mushroom and tofu kebabs



2. Wabi-Sabi | Makati

Love noodles but that slab of meat triggers you guilty? Get the full experience with Wabi-Sabi as they replace it with veggie meat! You don’t even have to be vegetarian to enjoy their take on your favorite Asian fusions. Their open kitchen invites you to dive into the whole process–from slicing to careful placing to you finally eating.

Must Try: Tantanmen, Tomyum



3. Juicesabel | Makati

Juicesabel is a hidden gem tucked in The Collective. Offering all plant-based vegan food, your trip here is a hundred percent guilt-free. From burgers, pasta, rice meals, and dessert, the owners of the place made sure to provide diversity in the menu for vegans to enjoy and to hopefully convince those who are not. They even have vegan egg!

Must Try: Smokey BBQ, Eggplant lasagna, Gangnam Chicken



4. Greenery Kitchen | Makati

Probably the cheapest in the list, Greenery Kitchen gives you the option to make this your everyday. You won’t miss your grandma’s menudo or adobo, because this is just what it is. From meals starting at P60, you can have lunch everyday with a little less guilt.  Plus, it’s good for the body and the environment.

Must Try: Menudo, Lechon paksiw



5. The Vegetarian Kitchen | Paligsahan, Quezon City

The Vegetarian Kitchen in Paligsahan might just have the best non-chicken nuggets ever! If you love nuggets but hate succumbing to your guilty pleasures, then this kitchen grants you a sweet pass. While having an open restaurant with a wide menu cooked with love, they also offer cooking classes for skills that will last a lifetime. To top that all off, you can buy some frozen goods from The Good Choices to cover your week.

Must Try: Vegetarian Tocino, Vegetarian Chik’n Nuggets



Whether or not you are vegetarian, there is no denying that these restaurants are an innovation in the food industry. Sharing the same advocacy, these restaurants came up with a way to renovate the dining experience to become guilt-free and harm-free. If you are thinking of joining their cause but are hesitant because of the limited options especially in the Philippines, then these may just let you reconsider. If not, then it is still worth a try; it’s right in your budget anyway.




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