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Scout Friday Picks: Colt

Scout Friday Picks: Colt

Birthed at a time when MySpace was still a thing, Jordan Gregori, a.k.a. Pixel Collective’s alternative R&B act Colt became Colt when Jordan decided to leave three-piece electro pop band Digital Ghost and go solo earlier this year. Influenced by artist Blackbear, he found a new home in trap and hip-hop infused R&B, crooning about real-life heartbreak and love.

His first EP Changes, released last March, served as an “opener” or sonic introduction of who and what truly Colt is, while his second and latest EP Sanity is more about his emotional journey all throughout 2017. In his own words, “Sanity is really personal; It’s all the heartache, the fun times, and the depressing moments of my 2017.”

Currently working on two EPs, one a split EP with a rapper and the other his third EP. He discloses those two details only and that the EPs are due for early 2018, then gives us a nine tracked playlist entitled “Do Me Like That.” He says, “It’s actually a story, from how you first met, to falling in love, heartbreak, depression, to just moving on and leaving everything behind.”

Jeremy Zucker ft Blackbear – “Talk is Overrated”

“Me and my younger brother’s been jamming to this track too much lately.”

Marc E. Bassy – “Plot Twist (ft. Kyle)”

“Everything happened so quick.”

Marc E. Bassy – “Made Love First (ft. Khelani)”

“Really love the Vocals on this one.”

Mansionz – “Gorgeous”

“She was hella gorgeous.”

Blackbear – “Priority (ft. Ne-Yo)”

“Blackbear and Ne-Yo on a track is just love!”

Blackbear – “down 4 u”

“Always down with this dude, favorite artist ever!”

tobi lou – “Txt Me”

“This dude is super talented; he deserves more views.”

Blackbear – “g2g ttyl (ft. THEY.)”

“This track inspired me to track guitars on some of my newer songs.”

I Fall Apart – Post Malone

“First line gets me every time.”

By Celene Sakurako
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