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Juan Brew Is The Philippines’ Very First Solar-Powered Brewery

Juan Brew Is The Philippines’ Very First Solar-Powered Brewery

By Coleen Ramos

With that giant hole in the ozone layer finally healing itself after 30 long years, the world’s constant efforts in implementing eco-friendly solutions and policies are now showing some remarkable results in the lives of many. Not only does our environment benefit from eco-friendly alternatives (like replacing plastic with paper and eco bags), but it also provides opportunities for entrepreneurs in generating green products, creating a distinctive new market.

And Philippine entrepreneurs sure know how to save Mother Earth in the most chill way possible.

Juan Brew is a craft beer brewery founded in 2014 by German-Filipino entrepreneur Alexander Lietz who envisions to “revitalize the beer industry and help beer shake off its reputation as a cheap drink for the masses.” What makes this business special than others is its go green initiative where sustainable operation is supported by using environmentally friendly practices which involves the use of renewable energy and solar power locally made harvested within their brewery.

Produced in a 500L brewery designed and built in the Philippines, Juan Brew secures the use of green energy via solar water heaters and a 46Kw photovoltaic system (a power system designed to supply usable solar power) on the roof. And the excess energy? It’s sold back into the grid, earning them some extra cash all in the process of saving the environment.

The craft beer brewery is fortified with a community-centric approach to business with its mission revolving around making beer and beer brewing “more accessible and convenient [for] everyone” by providing high quality brewing kits, equipment, and raw materials as inspired “by the people and places of the Philippines.” They currently have four flavors available: The Dry Stout, India Pale Ale, Bavarian Wheat, and Pale Ale. And are available in various restaurants all over the metro.

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