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A music video for Unique’s “Sino” is coming out real soon

A music video for Unique’s “Sino” is coming out real soon

After Unique went solo last year, fans and the music scene have anticipated his releases. Grandma was a great debut album cementing himself as a young visionary. And of course, his track “Sino” is one of the best songs of 2018, even our friends from The Flying Lugaw agree.

So it’s safe to say we got excited when we learned that “Sino” getting a music video release.

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Last night, digital manager/photographer Meg Valencia posted the clapper she used for her latest project. It turns out that she became the AD for Unique’s latest music video. Zen Flores served as the cinematographer and Unique’ manager/Callalily’s frontman Kean Cipriano took the helm as director.

Shooting for the music video started at Feb. 28. As for the official release date, we have to keep our notifications loud and our eyes peeled. There’s no word from the folks of O/C records and Unique himself just yet. But they have released some behind-the-scenes exclusives we can latch onto for now.

From the black and white photographs, we can assume two things; they filmed the music video in an abandoned lot, and for some reason, Unique is riding a bicycle. These images are keeping us on our toes.

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Whether they do a midnight drop or not, I’m just honestly happy we’ll get to see this track with visuals. It’s such an infectious love song with no shallow hugots or anything. And the Lord knows we need more songs like this in our airwaves.

Photo by Shann Kervin Felaire



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