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6 food haunts that are open 24/7 for your late night munchies

6 food haunts that are open 24/7 for your late night munchies

You know how it is, night owls. The night is still way too young for you by 12 a.m; you’re in the middle of writing a paper, or maybe out and about to get a social life. You’re on a roll, but you do need a little gas in the tank though. No, not another fast food joint, you say. You want real food, but nothing’s open anymore. Such is the curse of being active after-hours.

We made this list for you, midnight diners. Metro Manila is the region that never sleeps. Even at three in the morning, you can find fresh Filipino food to K-BBQ to Mediterranean grub. Time to close that fast food delivery tab now.

Goto Monster


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Where it’s at: 245 Primo Rivera Pablo Ocampo extension, Makati, Philippines, 1203 Makati

You can never go wrong with goto, and Goto Monster’s got the idea. The 24-hour eatery has an extensive toppings selection for goto, from your classic ox tripe to shitake mushrooms. Like any good Filipino food spot, they also have a silog menu. You know what? You can never really go wrong with anything on Goto Monster’s menu. 

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Where it’s at: They have branches in Taft, Makati, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Pasig, QC and Marikina

There ain’t nothing in this world like a Filipino breakfast. The smell of steaming buttery garlic rice paired with succulent, rich brown tapa and a glistening sunny side up egg sends a chill down my non-cooking spine. Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is a master of the mouthwatering meal. They offer a customizable menu to get your exact food craving down pat. Word to the wise: You haven’t lived until you’ve tried their tapa and their honey garlic fried chicken.


Where it’s at: Ground Floor, Sunette Tower, Durban Street Corner Makati Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City

If there’s any other cuisine that uses rice more than Filipino, it’s probably Mediterranean. Ziggurat, a Mediterranean and African resto located in Poblacion a.k.a. Makati’s nightlife central, has a giant rice menu that you can order any time of any day. They also have your classic kebabs and shawarma, plus African dishes if you’re feeling more adventurous.

Premier The Samgyupsal


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Where it’s at: 1720 A. Mabini Corner Alonzo Street, Malate, Manila

Eating samgyupsal late at night kind of makes it taste better doesn’t it? Maybe it’s because your next order of business is to just sleep your inevitable food coma away. Usually, Korean BBQ places go until 2 a.m., but Premier takes it a step further by being open 24/7. They have all-day promos of unlimited K-BBQ without a time limit.



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Inumart na! #inumart #inumartph #conveniencebar #bukas24oras

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Where it’s at: Hosla Building, 49 Tomas Morato Ave, St, Quezon City, 1112 Metro Manila

This place is probably the best convenience store in all of Metro Manila because, unlike the others, they allow you to drink your purchased beer in the premises. Aside from the self-service booze, the aptly named Inumart also serves classic inuman nights street food like pares, isaw and dynamite. They also offer paluto of pancit canton. Mabuhay, inumang kanto culture.

Mahal Kita Drive Inn

Photography by JP Talapian for Nolisoli

Where it’s at: 2929 Taft Ave., cor. EDSA, Pasay City

Mahal Kita is known as a motel as much as it’s known as a food takeout place. It’s an open secret among Pasay locals that Mahal Kita has “siksik, liglig, at umaapaw” pancit and melt-in-your-mouth buttered chicken. You can either have it delivered to your place for free if you’re near the area or you could just check in for an hour or three. (What you do with the pancit behind closed doors, we won’t judge.)

Photography by Carlo Nunez



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