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My new favorite style is pairing socks with slippers

My new favorite style is pairing socks with slippers

According to countless style icons and fashion show hosts, the world is our runway. It sounds like a broken record, but what exactly does it mean? One thing’s for sure: many of us think it’s about wearing anything we could possibly want. Because, hey, that’s what we want actually to happen, right?

We all love some weirdness in our lives. Can I get an amen? I, myself, have tried the denim-on-denim game—and didn’t care about it. Wearing piles of bracelets of different colors and styles (and sizes of beads) has been a guilty pleasure. And I’ve just recently discovered the earth wouldn’t swallow me whole if I pair a checkered skirt with a striped undershirt. It’s all about perspective and taking risks, folks.

There has been one intriguing combination, though: socks with slippers. If we talk about first impressions, don’t they defeat the purpose of each other? With socks being worn with outdoor footwear and slippers for casual indoor days, you’d wonder why anyone would think of wearing both at once. This combination had been quite a mystery—until this collaboration, that is.

Flip-flop craze captain Havaianas and out-of-this-world socks company Happy Socks are here to serve the new reigning combo of our closets—slippers and socks. “Opposites attract. Socks and flip-flops are a perfect combination, and these spread happiness and color to every season in the world,” says Happy Socks Founder and Creative director Viktor Tell.

These two risk-taker brands have partnered to create matching toe socks and flip-flops in three patterns. The designs took a page out of Sweden’s snow-covered landscapes and Brazil’s sunny beaches—the countries Happy Socks and Havaianas originated from. We all dig that fire mix of mountain tops, palm trees, toucans, waves, and snow in this collection. 

Sandals Global Vice President Carla Schmitzberger said that the pairs are fit for summers and snow all year long. After all, the bold colors and attractive elements make them a go-to choice for almost every event. Now, this is the risk-taking move I want to see on everyone.

Every Havaianas x Happy socks pair is flexible as hell—and costs P2,099 each. Yup, that includes both the flip-flops and socks, the instant final touch to your outfit. If you want to know more about how you can score a pair, click here to view the other choices, or go straight to all Havaianas stores (and online) to take your pick. For more information, check out Havaianas on Instagram.





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