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A definitive list of unique gifts for your edgy™ friends

A definitive list of unique gifts for your edgy™ friends

Ber szn has arrived and, along with it, the torrential downpour of family reunions, fruit salad, and gift-giving. For most people who have socially acclimated to these festivities, giving them gifts and watching their faces light up can be a wonder. For our cynical friends who would rather, excuse my French, eat shit than hear another rendition of “Christmas in Our Hearts,” giving them gifts can be a hit-or-miss endeavor. This year, we’ll give you a cheat sheet.


1. A miniature room 

Doll houses? Hard pass. A dreamy miniature bedroom with fairy lights and bright wallpaper that looks like a Pinterest-rebuild? You might be onto something. Especially if your friend was equally obsessed with Sims at one point (let’s be real, fellow motherloders.)

2. An onerously fancy plate

Does your friend live alone? Have esoteric tastes? Goes to Danish film festivals? These patterned plates are a bit off-kilter but it will fit right in their condos. A good choice especially for creative friends who like the kitsch.

3. A collection of ironic graphic tees

The gigil is real for these loud tees that are perfect fits for your ironic friends. A good tell is their laptop decals. Go through a large collection of text-bearing shirts that you can gift to all your friends with varying hardcore messages like, “kain tulog gang.” Rak.

4. An offbeat office bag

If your friends don’t like Christmas, then they’re probably off celebrating other things in nonlinear fashion. Why? Because edge™. A bag may sound basic af, but appeal to their pragmatic work-grinding, gig-going senses by getting them a satchel to carry their things as they get coin and navigate dingy bars to avoid city light shows.

5.  A pillowcase

That’s right, from miniature rooms to ironic tees I am now honestly suggesting a pillowcase. Before you click away, let me make my case. They’re probably using borrowed pillowcases from home or something their mom bought from a department store sale 10 summers ago. A modern design they can look at and actively appreciate can be a pretty sweet gift. Devil’s in the details.

Hunting for these novelty gifts can be a bit of a hassle, but good news ahead: Over 500 merchants are present at Noel’s Bazaar happening from November til December. All of these gifts (plus more) are available right inside The Filinvest Tent Alabang from Nov. 27 to Dec. 1. If you’re not free on these dates don’t worry because the bazaar will continue at the SMX Convention Center from Dec. 19 to Dec. 22.

The Bazaar is open at 11:00AM – 9:00PM from Mondays to Thursdays, 10:00AM-9:00PM from Fridays to Sundays at the World Trade Center; and 11:00AM – 9:00PM daily at Filinvest Tent Alabang and SMX Convention Center.




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