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A survival guide for those dreaded holiday family reunions

A survival guide for those dreaded holiday family reunions

Let’s face it, most of us dread the impending series of family reunions this holiday season. Nobody’s really ready when unending questions get thrown in the middle of a conversation—“May work ka na ba?” Single ka pa rin?” and the worst, “Bakit parang tumataba ka?”

Don’t panic for we have made a survival guide to lessen your family reunion fears. 

Get busy with the karaoke machine

Is it really a Filipino family reunion without a karaoke machine? Grab the microphone and enter the digits of your favorite karaoke songs. Belt your heart out to keep your relatives from initiating conversations with you. 

Be the event photographer

Reunion is a time for memories and what best way to keep them than taking photos? Grab your phone or your camera and start snapping portraits of your relatives during the party. When you see your tita about to pop a question, ask her to pose and say “cheese” for her soon to be profile picture on her Facebook account. 

Drink beer and let loose

If all else fails, maybe having a sit down talk with your relatives over a bottle of cold beer. Need recommendations? San Miguel Flavored Beer might turn your party up. Keep the conversation (and the drinks) flowing and loosen up with your curious tito or tita. Turn that bad conversation around and keep them distracted by asking about their holiday plans or New Year’s resolutions. 

At the end of the day, reunions are the only time for extended families to get together. Have fun, let loose and look forward to the most wonderful time of the year with your family.

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