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Jasmine Masters won the #1 GIF of 2019


The queen of memes, Jasmine Masters, just snatched the #1 GIF of the year with her iconic “And I Oop” moment after amassing nearly 500 million views on GIPHY. And let me just say it—it’s what she deserves.

Jasmine, a legendary queen from the “Rupaul’s Drag Race” franchise, shared a video of her unboxing the physical award from GIPHY last Dec.14.

“Oh my goodness, the number one GIF of 2019,” Jasmine begins. “This is a nice box… I’ma save that box.”

She then discovers the prize, which contains a screen replaying the award-winning GIF, and started cracking up. Same, Jasmine, same.

“Look at me. That bitch said, And I Oop. Thank you, thank you.”

The short viral clip is from a vlog that Jasmine uploaded in 2015 called “Jasmine Masters handle your liquor.”

In the video, she talks about being annoyed at people who get too drunk at parties before stopping mid sentence and voicing her iconic phrase: “and I oop, I just hit my balls.”

Watch her legendary video here:

Still from “Jasmine Masters handle your liquor”



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