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The internet is saying goodbye to ‘Dragon Ball Z Abridged’


For the past 12 years, those who haven’t caught up to speed with “Dragon Ball Z”—or are confused with the many plot details—came running to parody series “Dragon Ball Z Abridged” (DBZA). With internet humor and fast-paced summaries, “DBZA” revived the ’90s anime for the online age—and now, the production team behind the series has announced that it is coming to an end.

Created by YouTube channel Team Four Star, “DBZA” cut up episodes of “Dragon Ball Z,” turning the full series into an easily digestible summary show, birthing a brand of internet humor and YouTube content along the way. While creators Lanipator, Takahata101 and Kaiserneko were expected to give a run-through of the anime’s Buu saga arc, these episodes won’t be happening anytime soon. Team Four Star took to YouTube and Patreon to announce their decision, saying that their hearts were no longer in the project.

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In addition, Team Four Star also cites the threat of stricter copyright claims that hover over YouTube’s content creators. To protect their employees, the team has opted to shift their focus to original content.

Watch Team Four Star’s farewell video below:

Still from “Dragon Ball Z”



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