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Great news: Netflix’s new mobile subscription is only P149


If someone’s lowkey leeching off your Netflix account, send good news their way. There’s an affordable new plan that they can get for themselves now.

Starting today, Netflix is rolling out its cheapest subscription option yet: the P149 mobile plan. The plan will allow Netflix users to watch shows on the platform from their phones or tablets. Only one device at a time can be used in this plan.

The announcement was made by Netflix director for product innovation, Patrick Flemming in a press video conference from Los Angeles. “Our job is to provide so much more value than what our price is, that consumers don’t have to think twice about whether we’re worth trying out… Hopefully it attracts folks who are on the fence, who are wondering whether Netflix is a good fit for them,” said Flemming.

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He also mentioned that we Filipinos watch Netflix on our phones twice more than the rest of the world, and two thirds of Filipino Netflix viewers use the download option to watch shows offline. Guilty as charged.

With how affordable this new plan is, maybe we don’t have to split a single account anymore.

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