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These Pangasinan-based street art collectives’ online exhibit is dedicated to women frontliners


Professionals from different sectors are doing their best to come up with ways to make the COVID-19 outbreak bearable, and creatives continue to rise to the challenge. Whether these artists focus on providing breathers for those in quarantine or by directly aiding the frontliners outside through donations, the presence of the art community has definitely been felt throughout this entire ordeal. 

For Sarag Mi, an online exhibit based in Pangasinan, selling local artists’ physical creations to produce funds for COVID-19 frontliners manages to address both at once. 

The Biskeg Pangasinan Art Collective along with Dagupan-based !AGINI and other independent artists have put together this exhibit dedicated to women in the frontlines against COVID-19.  The theme is in support of both National Women’s month and our modern day heroes who are braving the health crisis head-on. 

Together, these artists pay tribute to female professionals from different sectors working together to keep all of us afloat during the pandemic.



Sarag Mi is a multifaceted online event that not only encourages local creatives to buy and sell work from homegrown artists, but also supports gig performers by providing them a platform. 

Yep, aside from having artwork up for sale, video entries of live performances will also be on display for the casual viewer perusing the gallery. Everyone is free to submit their performance by posting using the hashtag #saragmi2020 on Facebook. 

They’re accepting everything from singing to spoken word, with their call for entries starting on Mar. 31 at 7pm. With artwork on display and performances to enjoy, it feels a lot like an actual exhibit. 

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So how does purchasing the art work? Well, those who are interested in buying the pieces up for sale can screenshot and message the page to reserve it. This will be prioritized on a first come, first served basis. Once purchase is confirmed, buyers can deposit their payments to the bank details listed here.

For our generation, online events like these are our new form of bayanihanclosing distances, and flattening the curve.

Proceeds will all go to providing PPEs and other forms of support for our frontliners. For those worried about delivery, Sarag Mi can hold onto the piece until community quarantine is lifted in affected areas. 

Not only that, but direct donations are also being accepted by the page through the same bank details. Things local creatives did: that. 

For our generation, online events like these are our new form of bayanihanclosing distances, and flattening the curve.

Photo from official Sarag Mi 2020 Facebook page



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