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Good news, ADMU students: You’re passing this semester

Good news, ADMU students: You’re passing this semester

Remember how in the “Chamber of Secrets” Dumbledore canceled all exams because of a life-altering threat on campus? At one point, we considered it a far-fetched possibility that could only occur in a world where wizards exist. For students of the Ateneo de Manila University, it’s now a reality.

According to a memo released by the university, eligible non-graduating students will receive passing marks and will automatically move up to the next school year. As for graduating students, they’ll also get a passing grade, but they can request the letter equivalent as well. They’ll be cleared for graduation if they “satisfy certain conditions.”

“Giving a P (passing) mark is the most humane way of dealing with student grades under the circumstances we are in, where it is difficult and unfair to make a judgment of failure considering that students have not been given the benefit of a full semester to improve their performance,” the memo reads.

In regards to tuition, students are entitled to a P20,000 refund and a 60 percent refund from laboratory fees. For those under partial scholarships, they will get a refund on a prorated basis. Because of the situation, the university’s second semester will be cut short and is expected to end on May 8.

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And just as in fiction, the university was lauded by teachers and students, dubbing it a “democratic” move. It can be recalled that several university councils asked for the cancellation of online classes—with the petition earning wide exposure, so much so that colleges have ended up as trending topics. Previously, we talked about the points students have raised against online classes. These are mainly due to inaccessibility, as not all have the devices and stable connection to accommodate online learning.

We’re joining in on the applause, ADMU. Amid a pandemic, safety is one we should put at the forefront of our list of priorities. When the situation calms down, the university plans to hold free audit classes, workshops and modular activities onsite or online. So, yes, let yourselves take a breather now.

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