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Move over whipped coffee, DIY milk tea kits have arrived


For people who have milk tea as their blood type, the Taiwanese tea shop Serenitea has news for you: Milk Tea Kits.

The popular milk tea brand posted about releasing DIY kits on their official Facebook group stating, “Wish you could recreate our Okinawa Milk Tea at home? Now, you can! Starting April 18, you can grab our Okinawa Milk Tea Home Kits and #HaveAMomentOfSerenitea this ECQ.”

What exactly is in one? Well there are three options: Okinawa Milk Tea Kit A has 3-in-1 milk tea sachets, Okinawa Milk Tea Kit B has milk tea sachets and uncooked pudding powder mix, and finally, Okinawa Milk Tea Kit C has milk tea sachets and a ready-to-eat jar of Nata de Coco.

Each kit can serve 15 people, so unless your entire family has extreme milk tea cravings, the kit can last for a good two weeks. If you finish everything in a single week, then at least you’ll become aware of your sugar water problem. Enjoy.

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