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Be your own waifu/husbando with this anime filter


As far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be an anime character.

It all goes back to the first episode of “Cowboy Bebop.” I want to be the Faye Valentine of my own making. How interesting my 2D life would’ve been? Maybe if I’m my own anime lead, life would be easier and I’d have crazier hair. 

Good thing this new Snapchat filter can make that happen. 

Snapchat’s latest anime filter isn’t perfect. Does it make you look like an anime storyboard placeholder? It totally does. But during this pandemic/rainy szn when you’re not exactly doing anything, you might as well try the filter out yourself and see how it goes. 

You can use it on an existing selfie or take a fresh one for your stans. And it works on both video and photo. Once you press this link, you can finally live your Shonen Jump fantasies.

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