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Is Park Seo Joon the next (perfect) face of this makeup brand?

Is Park Seo Joon the next (perfect) face of this makeup brand?

Let’s face it: Not all of us will experience “Almost Famous.” As thousands of DMs flood our idols on a daily basis and meet-and-greets are more limited than our brain cells, getting our existence acknowledged by our bias is still a far-off dream. The next stop? Letting things close to us, um, live vicariously through us. 

Today, makeup brand BYS Cosmetics Philippines dropped an important PSA: There’s a new addition to their family. Clues? This photo of a shadowed figure and the knowledge that this person will “fight for you” and “ask you what’s wrong.” Even without reading these, I already know who he is. Right, Park Seo Joon stans?

Here are the reasons why I’m betting my three genie wishes on Park Seo Joon being the next (perfect) face of BYS Cosmetics PH:

  • The obvious “Fight for my Way” and “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” references.
  • At this moment, there’s no point in laying out other cards. The comments section already screams PSJ. 
  • And yes, I still have PSJ as my wallpaper. I guess that’s enough reason. 

We’re not sure when BYS Cosmetics PH is revealing their mystery guy, but our stan accounts may or may not be ready for a Twitter party. Hey BYS, maybe you can live vicariously through us? 

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