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Netflix’s latest Cinemalaya offering: An elderly-centric rom-com


Being young and off the wall is amazing. Although youth is a wonderful phase of our lives, it’s also fleeting. Just like our first love. 

This is what “1st ko si 3rd” explores. And if we’re down to understand that perspective (even though we’re still children), it’ll drop Netflix starting Oct. 15.

Let’s pack it up for hugot films. They can get tedious with their recycled, bittersweet plots on unrequited love. But with director Real Florido’s fresh take on romance, the film gives us a new perspective on what rom-coms can be.

Starring Philippine cinema veterans Nova Villa, Dante Rivero and Freddie Webb, “1st ko si 3rd” tells the story of an older woman and her husband getting ready for retirement, but a change of plans start to occur when her old flame comes back to her life. What’s fascinating about this rom-com is it defeats the notion that love is merely for young people. Truth be told, it comes in unexpected ways, even when you’re older.

If you’re tired of your usual romantic cinema offerings, this film will present a quirky yet weirdly relatable take on love. Watch the trailer below before it’s available for streaming:

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Still from “1st ko si 3rd”



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