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This filter will transform you into Van Gogh (and more)

This filter will transform you into Van Gogh (and more)

Another day, another filter to work your best angles on. If you hadn’t had enough of the Renaissance filter, the anime filter, the other anime filter and the other art filter, then here’s a new one for your pile (I swear this one’s different).

Taking cues from its filter foreparents, Google Arts and Culture’s latest feature transforms your selfie into something worthy of the Louvre (down the back, but who cares), using self-portraits from Vincent van Gogh and Frida Kahlo as well as Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” If human portraits aren’t your speed, the art filter can also transpose your face into expensive artifacts like a 19th century iron helmet from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York or an ancient Egyptian necklace from the Royal Ontario.

Wait a sec, haven’t you read this one already? Well, it’s more of an upgrade. Unlike the app’s Art Transfer feature from a few months ago, Art Filter takes on a more interactive and real-time view. With the filter, the available artworks can be explored from different angles, with details adjusted alongside the user’s movements. When filters are selected, users will be also able to read info about the artworks’ origins and creation.

Art Filter (and Art Transfer) are free to use on Google Arts and Culture for iOS and Android. Let the art hoe and dark academic in you thrive, kids. 

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