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A Wednesday Addams web series exists (and it’s all about adulting)


Every ’90s and goth kid rejoiced when Tim Burton decided to revive “The Addams Family” and what makes it better is he’s basing it from Wednesday’s perspective. Although we’re excited too, we need to introduce a web series that beat Burton to it.

Meet “Adult Wednesday,” your fave goth child exploring adulting without losing her dry wit and her family’s macabre ways.

From the mind of actor Melissa Hunter, this 2013 web series was a viral hit. Gen Z kids may not be familiar with this and we don’t blame them. At the time, this parody got 20 million hits and was featured in MTV among many others. 

Spanning 13 episodes and two seasons, this dark comedy sees Wednesday go through job hunting and one night stands, and even deal with catcallers. This series is a good reassurance to everyone that Wednesday is still and will always be that one true goth bitch we want to be.

It’s a good fanservice web series but sadly, it was halted after the second season due to copyright complaints from “The Addams Family” creators. Too bad they didn’t see it that way.

Since Burton’s “The Addams Family” reboot is still on hold, feel free to watch grown Wednesday Addams and her adulting hijinks online. No streaming services needed—just a good web connection.

Watch season one below:

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