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In this anime, an ex-yakuza proves gender roles are B.S.


“The Way of the Househusband” is a slice-of-life manga that’s hard to hate. Who doesn’t want to see an ex-yakuza throw toxic masculinity out the window and then some?

We all wanna see that unfold—and so does Netflix Anime.

Coming in 2021, Kousuke Oono’s award-winning manga is finally getting an anime series. We’ll get to see an ex-evil yakuza boss live in domestic bliss with his partner. Nobody expected a yakuza comedy to smash toxic masculinity, and yet here we are.

In “The Way of the Househusband,” we get to follow the life of Tatsu, an underworld legend turned househusband. He supports her breadwinner wife by making bentos and doing household chores. Too bad he runs into his former rivals and associates while he lives his domestic life. 

And this series also pulled in some anime veterans to play some huge roles. “Sailor Moon Crystal” Season 3 Chiaki Kon will direct the series while the voice of “Yu-Gi-Oh!’s” Seto Kaiba, Kenjiro Tsuda, will bring Tatsu’s voice to life. Basically, it has a lot to offer for different anime fans out there. 

It’s a nice, slice-of-life comedy that gives us a fresh take on yakuza narratives. Nippon TV released a live-action snippet of this critically acclaimed manga in July. Now, they’re getting an anime series to top it off. 

Check out the promotional poster below:

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Still from “The Way of the Househusband”



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