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We live in a world where White Rabbit milk exists, apparently

We live in a world where White Rabbit milk exists, apparently

After being the candy that had people guessing whether its “wrapper” was  edible or not, White Rabbit is once again targeting  our cavities, returning to our post-2000 lives as candy-flavored milk (Or milk-flavored milk since, well, the candy’s milk-flavored).

Known for its slogan equating seven of its candies to one cup of milk, White Rabbit is flipping that into its literal sense by turning  the Y2K candy’s taste into liquid form. However, that might be a bit of a misnomer—the White Rabbit milk isn’t technically “milk,” as it’s classified as a milk blend. Why? Probably because each 200ml carton contains 40 calories more than your usual glass of fresh milk.

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While getting it might not be as quick and easy as a trip to the sari-sari store, White Rabbit Milk is now available in the country through  online resellers on Lazada and Shopee. A six-pack will set you back from P420 to P720. 

If candy-flavored milk isn’t enough to sate your White Rabbit thirst, its famous candy wrapper is also available as a face mask. Talk about in your face ingenuity.

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