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Take A Photo Of Your Receipt And Get Paid By This Tech Startup

Take A Photo Of Your Receipt And Get Paid By This Tech Startup

I’m no Kim Kardashian; I don’t keep receipts for the sake of keeping them. But I keep them anyway. When the cashier at Mini Stop gives it to me I don’t leave it at the counter. When I top up my Beep card sometimes I get the receipt and put it in my bag. My bag is full of them. I told myself I’ll use the receipts to map out where all my money goes. Now i’m left with an empty wallet and a bag full of receipts.

Maybe things will get better soon. Snapcart, a tech startup from Indonesia, aims to makes gold mines out of your discarded receipts and has the Philippines on its sights for its next expansion.

This is how it works: you take a photo of your receipt, upload it in their app, and get a cash rebate. An upcoming feature will feature shopping lists that lets users know where they can get the most bang for their buck in discounts and deals.

But why take photos of receipts? It’s a step towards understanding more about consumer behaviour. Everything on the receipt is important in understanding the consumer, from the time of purchase to the items you buy together. Beyond surveys and data from research-based firms, nobody in the corporate chain has a clue about consumer lifestyle a.k.a. how people really live. Maybe we’ll get better products that we need that come back to mind. Or maybe they can bring back E-aji dip snacks. Man, those were delicious.

No definite date on when Snapcart will roll out locally but chances are the million-dollar venture will be here soon. Time to prepare our receipts.


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