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Set your vacays aside, Miss ’Rona is still with us


Now that everyone’s waiting to emerge from their pod, or at least experience the new normal in the outside world, the persistence of local glamping groups on Facebook reminds us of our inevitable desire to be as close to nature as possible.

COVID-19 is far from over and the world still awaits a vaccine, so traveling remains risky and definitely increases the chance of contracting and spreading the virus. Despite all that, why do some people insist on going out?

…there could be another world untouched by the virus, and it awaits us.

In the Facebook group Glamping Philippines, people are offering travel packages almost every day to resorts that host glamping amenities. There are updated posts offering discounts and various attractions.

While a rush to judgment is uncalled for about these folk who seem unbothered by the virus, such activities might be indicative of our own needs to once more be out in the wild, to bathe in nature, huddle around bonfires and spend nights under the stars—everything that satisfies whatever #cottagecore dreams we have. We all crave a momentary escape from the stifling confines of our homes since sheltering in place has become the one constant in the face of uncertainty.

Why do some people insist on going out?

Is this newfound hobby fueled by our own misery, of a kind of helplessness amplified by our frustration to have better states of mind or feeling? I don’t know, do you feel suspended by time too?

Not to be too cynical, I know it’s important to find sanctuary, peace or serenity with whatever can keep us sane at this time. But it’s also a matter of access to these so-called creature comforts that makes such privilege at odds with the general population. Who are the privileged few who have access to these? Can we have a more affordable way of promoting mental health? And no, we don’t mean a white sand beach at Manila Bay, no matter the frisson of satisfaction most people get after typhoons systematically wash out it’s dangerous dolomite veneer.

They say we should only hope for the better and look for the silver lining. But aren’t those luxe travel packages mocking people’s efforts to follow lockdown protocols? On a personal note, I can only say that we need to take a step backward and discard the delusion that somewhere, there could be another world untouched by the virus, and it awaits us. “So to hell with all the rules, they don’t apply to us.” Well, tempting fate, aren’t you?

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