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Okay, I might forgive Marvel for ‘Endgame’ after this ‘Loki’ preview

Okay, I might forgive Marvel for ‘Endgame’ after this ‘Loki’ preview

Listen up, Marvel stans—your future slate is definitely packin’. One that’s on our list? A little series by the name of “Loki.”

For those who’ve stayed up to watch Disney’s investor call (a.k.a. me) just to see the offerings of our entertainment overlord, one pick may have stood out among the rest. “Loki,” Marvel’s spin-off series featuring Asgard’s anti-hero himself, finally has a new preview attached to it. 

The exclusive clip shown at the event saw Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) at the end of “Avengers,” grabbing the Tesseract. It transports him to a sand-filled desert landscape, which cues his and the inhabitants’ confusion—as well as ours.

The rest of the preview features spliced-up clips of Loki and Owen Wilson’s character in a prison-like setting dubbed the “TVA.” (In the OG “Thor” comics, this meant “Time Variance Authority”—otherwise known as the cops of time and reality.)

Of course, when it comes to Loki, shackles aren’t a hindrance at all. Marvel’s new series sees the character in different points of history, with some eerily familiar to “Avengers” fans. (Seriously, is that a still of Natasha or not?)

We’ll have to wait a few more months until Loki is back on our screens, however. The series will premiere in May 2021, exclusively streaming on Disney+. In the meantime, stop sobbing over “Endgame” already and check out the preview of “Loki” below.

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