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Learn all about fake news and data privacy with a playful zine


We may be living in the age of technology, but a lot of us may still have questions about navigating the internet. It’s pretty broad (and overwhelming at times ), so it’s easy to get lost while doing things online. 

How do we keep informed and stay safe, especially at a time when the very idea of dissent is being debated on? There’s plenty of tools we can use to protect our data and ourselves from misinformation―VPNs, encrypted apps, fact-checking sites, and hey, even these colorful zines.

#YouThink: Fight Fake News” is a zine-style activity book that attempts to break down the admittedly intimidating topic of fake news and teaches us how to recognize fabricated info. Its colorful pages are packed with useful guides, from case studies and infographics to steps to spotting fake info and differentiating fact from opinion. 

The zine was written by Gigo Alampay, founder and director of the Center for Art, New Ventures and Sustainable Development. The layout was designed by Studio Dialogo, with supplemental illustrations by Liza Flores, Abi Goy, Frances Alvarez and Jamie Bauza. 

The same team also made “Safe Space: A Kid’s Guide to Data Privacy,” a zine that helps unpack the concept in friendly, digestible language, including what personal details about ourselves can be revealed when we surf the internet. 

Both zines are available on Powered By Juan for P300 each. They’re geared toward kids and teens, although even adults can appreciate a fun, helpful guide on keeping everyone safe and informed.


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