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Meet ‘Eskwela’: Public school letterings, but make it virtual


What do you miss the most about (physical) school? Definitely your friends, probably a few of your classes, and maybe even roaming around the campus itself thinking about your upcoming MTAP (or your classmate’s interesting ghost story). Nothing beats the feeling of walking on school grounds after all. 

While we’re remembering what our campus looks like using the memories etched in our heads, a new font is reliving one of its fragments. At first glance, you’d know the inspiration behind “Eskwela”—it’s the hand-painted letterings commonly seen in Philippine public schools, often spelling out general reminders like “watch your steps” and school directories. 

Created by designer John Misael Villanueva of FontDuo, “Eskwela” offers uppercase letters in brush-like style, and comes in regular, shadow, half, and stripes variations. “This is the first Filipino-inspired font by FontDuo. By the end of the year, FontDuo will be releasing version 2 of the font which includes numbers, symbols and support for multiple languages,” says the site.

To download this typeface for free, head to this page and enter the code “fdp922kn4w” at the checkout counter. While you’re amping up your font rotation, check out these other Filipino-made fonts (and tell a designer friend). 

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Photos courtesy of John Misael Villanueva 



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