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These candles smell like your fave candies from the ’90s


Has romanticizing your imperfect childhood become your coping mechanism? Are you willing to get a whiff of familiar candies minus the fear of ants camping out in your room? If you’ve nodded at both items, this cute piece of wax is for you. 

Instagram shop Saliw PH’s (@saliwph) nostalgia agenda is clear: Turn the classic candies into candles. In the store’s latest collection called “Tamis ng Kahapon,” your favorite sweets from the ’90s return to in scented form, but with the same promise of playfulness and comfort (or whatever past feeling that stirs once you smell them.)


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Housed in what the brand calls 145ml “sari-sari store garapon,” the “Tamis ng Kahapon” lineup includes Tsok-Nut, Basooka, Piper’s Bater Bol, How How de Carabao, and Cherry Boom Boom. While we still don’t have a time machine, these add-to-cart targets will do. 

Sadly, stocks have run out as of the moment. But don’t worry, Saliw told Scout that these candles will be up for dibs again in two weeks.

While waiting, you can also check out their equally interesting scents: Dangwa, Lumang Pahina, Noche Buena, and… UP Ikot. Yeah, maybe that’s the one I’d like to try first. 


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