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Kim Seon-ho might play a half-Filipino in his first-ever film

Kim Seon-ho might play a half-Filipino in his first-ever film

Han Ji-pyeong and “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” stans, here’s a bit of news that’s got us surprised but a li’l bit intrigued: Kim Seon-ho might be playing a half-Filipino for his first-ever film—or at least, play an important role opposite that.

According to Korean film industry sources, the “Start-Up” actor is making his big-screen debut with a role that might leave us Filo fans shookt, to say the least. Helmed by director Park Hoon-jung (“New World,” “The Witch”), the film in question is literally translated to “Sad Tropics,” which follows an aspiring boxer with a Korean father and a Filipino mother. He ventures to Korea in hopes to find his estranged father and live his athletic dream, but he soon lands in sticky situations with villainous characters.

Still, as of writing, Kim Seon-ho’s appearance isn’t a done deal yet. According to the reports, he and his agency Salt Entertainment are currently reviewing the casting offer. While the folks over at Salt didn’t specify the character, the sources have cited that it’s likely to be one of the two main leads. If Seon-ho does say yes, production will begin once “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” wraps.

Of course, questions and the hype are on the horizon. Should Seon-ho play a half-Filipino character? If not, who’s playing the lead? Will they be filming on-site in the Philippines? (You know, asking for a friend.) Only time—and an actual confirmation—will tell.

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