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Rjay Ty’s ‘Belly of The Beast’ is a monster take on the rap game

Rjay Ty’s ‘Belly of The Beast’ is a monster take on the rap game

Diss tracks and bouts of braggadocio are in the very DNA of rap music, and local emcees aren’t in short supply of reinventing them—just take a listen to Rjay Ty.

Produced by Like Animals, the Bawal Clan member’s freshly dropped track “Belly of The Beast” peeks at Rjay Ty’s rap persona as he visualizes a performance. Right from the chorus’s point-blank writing topped with the rapper’s steady delivery, the stage is set for Rjay Ty, just as he spits lines about an intense presence that leaves smoke in his trail.


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With theme-defining lyrics like “It’s been years I’ve been planting now done watering my seeds” and “Put your money where your mouth is you should put the bet on me” that tap into rap’s universal hustler motifs, “Belly of The Beast” is Rjay Ty cementing his well-deserved spot in the rap scene’s psyche, wherever that may be.

Listen to “Belly of The Beast” below.

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Photo by Josh “Tofu” Subeldia from Rjay Ty’s Instagram

Single cover art by @wolfranco



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