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‘I’ve Got Me’ by Cebu artist Doods is a disco vibe for independent folks

‘I’ve Got Me’ by Cebu artist Doods is a disco vibe for independent folks

Independent girl anthems are a genre of their own, if we’re going by Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé’s discography alone. Now, if you’re looking for a modern spin—and at the local sphere, at that—then Cebu artist Doods has a track for your ever-growing “Songs to Feel Free” playlist.

“I’ve Got Me” and its recently released visuals peek at the singer/songwriter’s thought process as she sheds toxicity in favor of much-needed freedom, dubbing it as a song about “self-empowerment and setting boundaries.”

“What makes you feel empowered?” Doods writes on Instagram. “For me, it comes down to being able to accept myself for the good and the bad. Being proud of myself when I do well and being gentle with myself when I don’t. I feel empowered not just alone but in the strong, healthy relationships I’ve built and value.”


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Draped in a ’70s-esque wardrobe as styled by Tiediet’s Shayne Lopez, a feathered-haired Doods sways to the track’s smooth-sounding groove as she lays out her own set of unwavering rules: “I like to spend time with you / I’ll even share my life with you,” she sings. “But if you do me dirty, that ain’’t right / I’ll kick you out of my life / And I’ll be fine.”

Directed by Dani Bautista, “I’ve Got Me’s” ’70s partyscape was shot in Cebu City. To see it in action, peep the whole vid below.

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Still from “I’ve Got Me” MV



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