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10 thoughts on Zack Tabudlo’s ‘Pinadama’ MV ft. DonBelle


I know we can all relate when I say Zack Tabudlo’s musical ‘verse never fails to romanticize even the most mundane moments of our lives. Well, there’s a new track to back it up. 

On Dec. 5, the 21-year-old musician dropped the music video for his latest R&B soul track “Pinadama,” featuring the Seoul International Drama Awards Outstanding Asian Star awardee Belle Mariano and former Scout cover star Donny Pangilinan (a.k.a. DonBelle, the love team featured in many well-crafted fancams of this day and age).

FYI, “Pinadama” is part of the official soundtrack of Belle and Donny’s new romcom movie, “An Inconvenient Love,” which is currently gracing local cinemas. The music video was inspired by the film, which stages the pair’s characters, Manny (Donny) and Ayef (Belle), in a “contractual” romantic convenience store plot.

Love can be said in different ways, and three of our favorite Gen Zs (plus the convenience store customers) delivered it through this music video. Zooming in further, here are our thoughts while watching the short tale: 

  • “Pinadama” is a certified pre-Valentine’s Day bop. I rest my case.
  • The MV’s dreamy lighting and color grading made it more *chef’s kiss* romantic. 
  • Honest question: Why do most seniors have the grumpiest screen roles?
  • The “Nababaliw na ako” and “Asa’n ka na?” lines are a total mood. (My future email sign-offs, too.)
  • 10/10 would rewatch this MV in case I need my dosage of serotonin.
  • Living for DonBelle’s unavoidable chemistry gracing the whole convenience store’s atmosphere. 
  • I’m in a relationship right now, but “Pinadama’s” cheesy lyricism pushes me to reconfess my feelings to my SO.
  • Zack’s high-pitched voice? Hands down. I, a non-singer, would probably make the windows crack.
  • Like Belle, I’d be literally shit-scared if I saw a human hotdog sandwich IRL.
  • Dear DonBelle, if you’re reading this, we’re rooting for Donny’s “what if maging tayo?” spiel. 

Watch the “Pinadama” MV here:

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