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Scout Friday Picks: Olympía

Scout Friday Picks: Olympía



Olympía performing at last July’s epic Scout Summer Camp.

We’re calling it now–rising ambient and electronic artist Olympía is a dark horse in the local music industry. You’ve probably also heard her voice on tracks she’s done with fellow musicians like Aries and CRWN. The Logiclub singer-songwriter, also known as Anica Feliciano, has been a performer all her life. And she sure has a knack for it, with her gentle, dreamy vocals more than able to provide an escape of sorts for anyone who’s gotten to listen to her tracks. If you haven’t seen it yet, the music video she’s recently came out with perfectly matches the quiet but entrancing enigma present in her sound. It certainly won’t be long until Olympía takes the scene by storm. For now, we’re all holding our breaths for an EP or perhaps even an album sometime in the future.

Scout got Olympía to hook us up with an alternative r&b playlist for this week’s Friday Picks. Check it out here:

1. “I Need a Forest Fire (feat. Bon Iver)” – James Blake
When two of your favorite artists make a collab, you know it’s automatically going to be a favorite. I don’t know why but this song makes me cry. We could have different interpretations of this song but I often associate it with my dreams because it’s very passionate. I could feel it speaking to my soul.

2. “Eternal Sunshine” – Jhene Aiko
Whenever I’m having a bad day I just listen to this song and remind myself of the good things in life. This song could actually give you a different perspective and make you a bit more optimistic. I also love Jhene Aiko as an artist and her vibrato skills are amazing.

3. “I’m Waiting” – Tokimonsta
You can feel the impatience and uncertainty with the Gavin Turek sample that Tokimonsta used. The words “I’m waiting for you” could possibly be for a distant lover who could never come back. Tokimonsta is also successful in implying that sense of longing with her production.

4. “Good Enough” – XXYYXX
I appreciate the eeriness of the intro, which makes the hook even better. The build up is also very smooth and it would make you anticipate that TLC hook. This track is perfect on a Friday night drive with friends because TLC is everyone’s jam!

5. “Station” – Lapsley
I consider Lapsley as one of my queens in vocal arrangement, her layers are different and unpredictable. I love how she combines the high notes and pitched down samples without making it clash. Lapsley’s creations are hauntingly beautiful but I think this song is perfect to end this playlist.


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