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The New Rave Culture

The New Rave Culture

By Rach Acorda

Yup–rave culture is dead. Gone are the days of intense light shows and grinds.

With the allegations of the current administration on drugs as well as the commotion that happened at a previous rave, it’s clear to say how we–guilty teenagers of alcohol past times and psychedelic smokes–are starting to chuck away those concert bookmarks. The rave trend is slowly walking out the back door and most are itching to find some new go-tos. We welcome you to our subculture world of small, humble indie joints and art havens for those free weekends.

For the buzz and booze
If you’re all about the drinks and good conversations, here’s a world where art and drinks collide. Hidden bars cater to what we millennials take pride in–the better the aesthetic, the better the feed; the more underground, the better it gets.

So for our first stop, The Bunk is definitely not your ordinary watering hole. Don’t be fooled with the skew of run-down buildings along Shaw boulevard since it’s a huge part of their charm. Parking might be a pain but the experience is like resurrecting from hell. With that elevator ding! leading you to jaw-dropping murals and an awesome view of the city, it’d be safe to say that you’re definitely coming back.



Living up to their tagline (‘a place for free-spirited people to express themselves’), The Bunk is definitely a must on Fridays. Though, make sure you get there on time to snag some floor seats. Yes, they’re cool like that.

And if you’re the brave rave soul who craves for crowded places and loud music you’re oh-so- familiar with, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on #walwalrus.


Walrus Katipunan shouldn’t be unfamiliar lingo, as this Beatles-inspired pub has been going around for quite some time now. Upon stepping in, you’d enter a warp hole of the north’s college youth–cue mutual friends, refreshing cocktails, psychedelic aesthetic, and easy vibes to celebrate the weekend. Perhaps even weekdays for most students.


While you’re shouting at the top of your lungs over their music alternatives, we highly recommend getting the Pink Panty Dropper, Strawberry Fields Forever, Sun of a Beach, and Tingleberry. Their selection is pretty bomb and definitely don’t come short with their names.

Hear ye, hear ye
Come one, come all–this one’s for the ravers who need to hit the refresh button on your playlists. The bass drop will be missed but if you’re tired of the repetitive beats, non-lyrical jams, and the occasional “put yo, put yo hands up” hype, then listen up.


Known to frequent supporters of the local indie scene, Makati’s pride and gem saGuijo Café + Bar Events houses a dynamic mix of young blood, such as Jensen and the Flips, SUD, Bullet Dumas, Tom’s Story, Cheats, and so much more. If you’re lucky, you can catch the legends on random gig nights–Urbandub, Imago, Sandwhich, Raymond Marasigan–the list goes on and on. It’s a battlefield of music strings, allowing gig-goers to dance to these bands’ wild performances.


Speaking of, catch Gabba Santiago’s (guitarist of Tom’s Story) birthday gig happening later today to catch up on what we’re talking about.

Good news, north kids. We totally understand if you’re on the lookout for new experiences and the shock of morning afters, which is why we’re bringing you to the other side of town: Checkpoint Rock Bar at Aguirre St, BF Homes. Checkpoint welcomes all bands from yonder, music enthusiasts, and professional head bangers. Battle of the bands, anyone?


Not all who wander are lost
If you’re the type who just wants to experience the thrill of something new, go pack up your cool kid gear, call your friends, and head on to this secret place of paradise called Zambawood!


This utopia of wonder definitely left us with no words. Infused with only the best local artists and blissful ambiance, the curation of objects harmoniously meets nature to give you the perfect home-away-from-home vibe.


Perfect for that long awaited barkada bonding or downtime chilling with the bae, Zambawood is the place to be if you’re not on a tight budget. Did we mention you can surf during with sunsets, paired Instagram-worthy backgrounds?

Chase waves, not people–and they’re damn right about that. The last on our list is La Union’s treasure, The Circle Hostel. If you’re all about that surf life and want to take a break from chaotic Manila, La Union welcomes you with open arms, copious art, and eccentricity to match.



What’s your plan this weekend?

Photos courtesy of Bunk, Checkpoint, The Circle Hostel, Walrus Katipunan, Zambawood, and Saguijo



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