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This Photographer Finds Hidden Beauty In Abandoned Places

This Photographer Finds Hidden Beauty In Abandoned Places

By Nico Pascual
Images: Gestalten c/o James Kerwin

Everyone needs a little solitude in their lives. For some, this may be in the form of a quiet walk after work, or by disconnecting from technology for a day or two. But for photographer James Kerwin, he doesn’t allow stillness to creep up on him after a workday, he would rather find these peaceful moments in the dilapidated places he photographs. His carefully composed pictures of abandoned places feel like documents from another time, and if you can look through the rubble and ruin, you might find hidden beauty as he did. According to Gestalten, a blog curating the best of visual culture, Kerwin mentions what he likes most about these forgotten places. “The best thing about it is the peacefulness,” he says. “Once inside a building, there is no noise, no people shopping or shouting or playing with their mobile phones; it is tranquil.”

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from the series.

You may also view his website here.


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