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Stylish elderly couple proves that fashion knows no age

Do you imagine yourself being Instagram famous and fashionable at 80? Neither do I, but this elderly couple charmed the internet with how they managed to turn a pile of decade-old clothes into something effortlessly cool. 

Meet Taiwanese couple and laundry shop owners Wanji and Sho-Er who, despite being in their 80s, have been documenting their photoshoots on Instagram since June 27. Over the years, heaps of clothes have been left unclaimed at their shop but instead of throwing them away, they decided to have a little throwback.

Their photos gained traction on Facebook after a page called The Idea King shared their photos along with the hashtag #RelationshipGoal. I, too, aspire to be this cool and creative with a significant other at age 80.

According to their Instagram bio, this little fashion project was started by their grandchildren who “couldn’t bear to see their grandma and grandpa being bored out of their wits everyday.”

From repurposing neckties into belts to rocking colorful berets, this couple proves that fashion knows no age. 

Even the clothes themselves have stories behind them, which they describe in the captions. In this post, they describe the clothes to have been in the shop for at least eight years, left by a guest who “must have bought souvenir items from Budapest.”

But with every post also comes a gentle reminder: “Don’t forget to pick up your laundry!”


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Photos from @wantshowasyoung/Instagram


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