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Park Bo Gum wants you to know you’re precious

Park Bo Gum wants you to know you’re precious

After postponing his fan meeting in April, Korean actor Park Bo Gum is finally here, breathing the same Manila air we breathe. Bo Gum arrived in Manila yesterday. And guess what? We had the chance to see him in person earlier today.

This isn’t Bo Gum’s first time in the Philippines, though. “I’ve been here twice before,” he says. He recalls coming here when he was still filming the drama Wonderful Mama. Then, in 2016, his brief vacation in Cebu was subject of headlines after a horde of fans lined up at the airport to welcome him. This, however, is the first time he’s holding an official fan meeting in the Philippines.

Before the fan meeting tomorrow, Bo Gum already expressed his gratitude and love for his fans. “I’m just grateful for their support and love,” he says. “The fact that I’m having my Asia tour is an unforgettable experience, because I really appreciate fans regardless of what language they speak or where they live. They are really precious to me.”

And Bo Gum, we just want to say you’re also precious to us. And yes, you are doing great!

Photography by Renz Mart Reyes


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