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SB19 is the first P-Pop boy band on Billboard Next Big Sound chart

SB19 is the first P-Pop boy band on Billboard Next Big Sound chart

If you aren’t paying attention to P-Pop boy band SB19 yet, just a heads up: They might be blowing up in the near future.

SB19 is now the first Filipino boy band to debut on the US Billboard Next Big Sound chart. The chart is designed to measure which acts are “statistically most likely to become the next big sound,” according to the Next Big Sound company.

The chart isn’t about popularity, so much as how the names perform in relation to their popularity. For example, if two acts get 50 new fans, but one has only one single out while the other has five, the former will place higher on the charts.

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But popularity isn’t a problem for SB19 either.Their rehearsal video for their first single “Go Up” achieved illustrious internet virality with over a million views on Twitter since it was first posted in September. How’s that for a debut?

So statistics—and more credibly, Twitter people—has predicted SB19’s future success. We still won’t know for sure, but we’ll definitely be on the lookout for them next year.

Still from SB19’s “Go Up” MV


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