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There Are 21 Bottles Of Beer In The I’m Drunk, I Love You Trailer

There Are 21 Bottles Of Beer In The I’m Drunk, I Love You Trailer

We’re digging this recent trend (if existing over a span of a few years still qualifies it as a “trend”) of refreshing local rom-coms. If the genre was full of nothing but the That Thing Called Tadhanas, English Only Pleases, and the Baka Bukases of the world, we wouldn’t be complaining.

Somewhere in our youth and childhood, we must’ve done something good, because it looks like we’re getting a steady stream of them. The first one, right in time for Valentine’s Day 2K17, is I’m Drunk, I Love You., starring Maja Salvador, Paulo Avelino, and Jasmine Curtis-Smith (two Scout cover people! Issues here and here).

It is, as the title and the new official trailer suggests, a story about two best friends coming to terms with their feelings for each other on a trip to La Union, and alcohol is strongly implied to be involved. (So much that we counted all the bottles of beer that appeared in the two-and-a-half-minute-long trailer, and there actually were 21.)

What’s noteworthy about this movie, directed by JP Habac (Tandem, Oktopus) and featuring a lot of good local music, is that even though the leads are people you see on a major network, it doesn’t feel like a movie cut from that cloth—although, to be fair, they’ve been upping their game. Perhaps it’s a nice thing that we keep getting surprised by it; we should probably tell ourselves to start expecting better films already, but it’s hard to undo a lifetime’s worth of conditioning. Anyway, we’re down for this. So down.

I’m Drunk, I Love You. will be premiering on Feb. 15. Let’s hope you don’t have to fight your way to theaters on that day.


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