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All our favorite ‘Ghost in the Shell’ screencap memes

All our favorite ‘Ghost in the Shell’ screencap memes

We don’t often talk about it, but some of our most favorite memes to come out of last year is the alternative screencap (if it’s got a better name, let us know). It’s honestly the most fun way to mock a movie, TV show, or controversy du jour, even if it hasn’t done anything wrong.

But everyone knows the Hollywood version of Ghost in the Shell has done a lot of things wrong. Even if its original creator doesn’t see anything wrong with a white girl in Scarlett Johansson playing the lead role (and for a reason that makes sense), fans are still pretty upset that what was originally a Japanese product isn’t being honored by a cast of mostly Asian descent.

Both sides definitely have their points, and we’re honestly leaning toward the fans here even if the people behind the production bring up a considerable point—ethnic diversity and representation in mainstream cinema is still an issue we need to beat, and even if the story allows for this kind of casting, it certainly isn’t helping. We’re letting the Avatars and Dragon Balls of the world win the more we do this. Have you seen what they’re doing to Death Note?

Which is why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite screencap memes about Ghost in the Shell, from the wonderful, magical place that is Twitter. It’s easily the best, if not funniest form of subversion, tbh. We won’t stop you from watching it if you want to watch it, though, but we will have fun with it.

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