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Next on Asian rom-coms: A ‘me and you against the world’ story

Next on Asian rom-coms: A ‘me and you against the world’ story

There he is: charming, talented, and could possibly make you the talk of the town if you interact with him for at least five seconds. That’s right, he’s the cardboard cutout of a heartthrob. 

We’ll spot the same character (and more) in Netflix’s upcoming offering: “Geez & Ann” by Rizki Balki. Slated to drop on Feb. 25, this Indonesian rom-com follows the studious and pleasant Ann (Hanggini), who finds herself falling for Geez (Junior Roberts), their school’s main guy. The trailer shows us the typical boy-meets-girl premise, but we’re sensing some tension and tears at the end. They’ll touch on the future’s uncertainties, after all. 

Since then, the internet has gathered not only for the possible serotonin  this movie will offer but also because of these: 1) It’s somehow reminiscent of “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,”  and 2) Geez looks like what people initially imagined Harry Potter would be (or, what a “fake boyfriend” would look like). If I may add, there’s an element of “me and you vs. the world” in the latter part—Geez’s parents opposing the relationship screams Filipino telenovela. 

While we love a good rom-com, we’re also hoping for a fresh take on the campus love story. If you want to know more about it, check out the YA novel it’s based on. You’re welcome. 

Still from “Geez and Ann”


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