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The new Darren Aronofsky movie trailer looks wilder than “Black Swan”

The new Darren Aronofsky movie trailer looks wilder than “Black Swan”

We remember Darren Aronofsky as the filmmaker who mindfucked us all with movies like Requiem for a Dream and, more recently, the award winning ballet thriller Black Swan. It’s been seven whole years since the release of the latter and everyone anticipated the coming of his latest psychological thriller, mother!, starring Jennifer Lawrence.

The most talked-about preview we got for mother! was a creepy illustration of Jennifer holding her heart out of her chest, leaving everyone to wonder exactly WTF the director had in mind for his movie this time.

We finally got a trailer today, and it’s still pretty confusing, but compelling nonetheless. The description of the film says, “A couple’s relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence,” and a “riveting psychological thriller about love, devotion and sacrifice.”

Yeah, still vague. But that trailer looks crazy and glorious. Can we just talk about the quality of this video and those haunting violin plucks?

Don’t flop on us now, Aronofsky. mother! is due out on September 15.


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