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The Pixar Supercut You Always Wanted Is Here

The Pixar Supercut You Always Wanted Is Here

By Nico Pascual
Image: Pixar Wikia

Finding Dory made box office history by grossing over $130 million in its opening weekend. And while it continues to break animated box office records elsewhere, the montage experts over at the Youtube channel Burger Fiction decided to pay tribute to the pioneering animation company. Their newest video entitled, “The Evolution of Pixar.” condenses more than 30 years of Pixar into a 15 minute supercut. This video doesn’t only showcase the technical wizardry of Pixar’s films, but it also reminds us of the stories that these films brought to our screens. Starting from the 1984 short The Adventures of Andre and Wally B, the studio has proven time and time again that computer animated films aren’t just a creative gimmick. Over the last 30 years, more often than not, they have told us compelling stories filled with heartfelt characters. The Toy Story series, The Incredibles, Wall-E, and Inside Out are just a few examples of these films.

Over the course of the video, you can clearly see how far we’ve come visually, but you can’t question the heart that’s present in all these films. In an age where more and more films are moving towards more moody visuals, Pixar seems to be going the other direction. They injected plenty of color in their creations, and as this video showcases, they seem to have fun doing it.

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